One of our desires is to provide local and healthy food for individuals in Southern Indiana and you can be a part of that with your support. If you are near us, we would love to have any of our supporters come and tour the farm, enjoy some of the delicious food we are honored to grow, and see how your gift brings life to the land, community, and our family.

We began our adventure into farming in 2017 while we were living in the city. A small house, a quarter acre lot, a few kids, 50 chickens, a few goats, 2 beehives, 3 turkeys, and a garden all happily getting along. Eventually, as our family continued to grow, we knew that we needed/wanted some more space (house and land) – so we moved into our current home with the dream of turning it into a place where we not only raised our own food, but were able to provide food for other families as well. 

Now we have ample space to raise our pasture pigs, chickens, cows, and bees – and let our kids free range as well. We are thankful that we’ve been allowed to provide food for so many families already and look forward to serving you and your family too!

In 2022, we were able to purchase Abby’s Elderberry from our friends, the Moody family. You can now shop for those products here on our site as well as on the Abby’s Elderberry site.