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Due to low production and very high demand, we are not taking orders for dairy from our web site until further notice. 

We milk our cows – Paisley, Bessie, and Lady Di – twice a day. In between milkings they enjoy grazing on our lush green grass and has a bale of hay each day. They are 100% grass fed and we are happy to now be offering raw milk to our product list. Use the cream from your Walker Family Homestead to make your own butter, sour cream, or ice cream – or just put it in your coffee every morning. Additional cream is also available.

Price is for 1/2 gallon jars.

*The state of Indiana requires us to label raw milk as not for human consumption.*

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4 reviews for Raw Milk

  1. Lauren B.

    My friend and I both bought a half gallon and we absolutely LOVED it!! It did not have any strange after taste like some raw/low-pasteurized milk can have. I also love that they keep the cream on top for us to make butter or other products with. I highly recommend this!!

  2. Sam A. (verified owner)

    My family and I love this raw milk! Never going back to the pasteurized stuff. Always good to know where your food comes from… Highly recommended!

  3. Diane Mullins

    I LOVE this milk! I was having some stomach issues, and after starting on this great milk, it is so much better. No bad after taste, just sweet, REAL milk. I can’t recommend it enough. I am DONE with store bought milk!! My grandpa always milked a cow for us when I was a child, it is great to have REAL Milk again.

  4. MicahM (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product at a great price! A few of my friends in Florida have been drinking raw milk for the last year, and they finally convinced me to try it. When I told them that I was able to purchase a half gallon for $5, they couldn’t believe it, as many other places are charging much higher. If you are on the fence about raw milk and want to try it, or if you are already a raw milk enthusiast, you can’t go wrong ordering from The Walker Family Homestead. The service is great and Brad is extremely friendly. I’ve already placed my second order!

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